"After a century, a literary reputation finally blooms."
(Larry Rohter, Journalist)

Category: documentary
(Color - HD/2021 - 26 min. - USA)

Synopsis: During the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the death of the famous Brazilian writer Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis, Goulart attended the panels and symposiums held in New York. By interviewing experts on Machadian works, like professors Flávio Loureiro Chaves, Gregory Rabassa, Lidia Santos and Domício Coutinho, Ambassador Sérgio Paulo Rouanet and filmmaker Nelson Pereira dos Santos, Goulart brings to the audience the conclusions reached on Machado de Assis, a poor person of mixed race, born in a slavery society, who became the master of Brazilian literature.

Notice: This film is for educational purposes and the preservation of the memory of Machado de Assis only, with no commercial value in any way.

Production: Goulart Filmes
Producers: Marcelo Nigri and Yves Goulart
Director and screenwriter: Yves Goulart
Cinematography: Yves Goulart
Camera: Yves Goulart
Editing: Yves Goulart
Re-recording mixer: Alexandre Ferraz Jardim
Interviewees: Lidia Santos, Sérgio Paulo Rouanet, Gregory Rabassa, Nelson Pereira dos Santos, Flávio Loureiro Chaves and Domício Coutinho
Narration: Odemar Costa
Translation: Marcelo Nigri


  • Best Short Documentary – YathaKatha International Film & Literature Festival (Mumbai, India, November 2021).

Special Screening

  • Focus Brasil Online (June 2020).


  • YathaKatha International Film & Literature Festival (Mumbai, India, November 2021).