Award of Excellence – Accolade Global Film Competition Silver Palm Award – Mexico International Film Festival Brazilian Press Award – Cinema and Video

"Something that could happen to anyone, but in Yves Goulart's hands it becomes a moving life lesson, shot with all the strength of the heart."
(Rubens Ewald Filho, Brazilian Journalist)

Category: documentary
(Color - HD/2014 - 94 min. - Brazil)

Synopsis: Francisco de Assis - A Life Lesson conveys the story of Francisco de Assis Domingos, who becomes blind at age 25, after being accidentally shot by a friend.  Francisco learns how to deal with visual impairment, but unlike other people, blind or not, he turns his life around in a spectacular and unexpected way.  More than an example of overcoming, Francisco de Assis - A Life Lesson is a powerful story of love and forgiveness.

Distribution: Avanturi Productions
Production: Goulart Filmes
Executive producers: Marcelo Nigri and Yves Goulart
Producers: Yves Goulart, Marcelo Nigri and Nayglon Goulart
Director: Yves Goulart
Screenwriters: Micki Mihich and Yves Goulart
Cinematography: Yves Goulart
Editing: Micki Mihich and Yves Goulart
Sound operator: Nayglon Goulart
Re-recording mixerTim Starnes
Color correction and graphic effects: Mikael Buch
Acting coach: Nichele Antunes
Cast: Adriano Rafael Domingos, Rick Alison Domingos, Orlando Francisco Domingos, Diana Dutra, Renato Bianchin Gama, Soraia Schug and Yves Goulart
Interviewees: Francisco de Assis Domingos, Albertina Pessoa Domingos, Orlando Francisco Domingos, Sebastião Pessoa, Adriano Rafael Domingos, Rick Alison Domingos, Gisele Domingos Vivas, Luiz Goulart, Tereza de Medeiros, Marcelo de Medeiros, Valnei Teixeira, Etelvina Espíndola Caldas, Agedir Ceron and Luiz André Furlanetto
ComposerAleksandar Simić
Music: Francisco de Assis Domingos
Art designer: Luciane Nardi
Still photos: Ulisses Job and Nayglon Goulart


  • Brazilian Press Award – Cinema and Video (Florida, May 2017);
  • Silver Palm Award – Mexico International Film Festival (Mexico, May 2015);
  • Award of Excellence – Accolade Global Film Competition (California, November 2014).

Special Screenings

  • Cineclube Mult 3D – DVD Release (Criciúma, Brazil, December 2015);
  • Cineclube Mult 3D – DVD Release (Urussanga, Brazil, December 2015).


  • Mexico International Film Festival (Rosarito, Mexico, May 2015);
  • 16th Havana Film Festival New York – World Premiere (New York, April 2015).

Category: documentary (color)
Running time: approx. 94 min.
Brazil rating: 10 years and older
Screen format: widescreen 16:9
Sound: stereo 2.0 and 5.1
Distribution: Avanturi Productions
Release: 2015


Audio: Portuguese
Audio description: Portuguese
Subtitles: Portuguese, English, Spanish, French and Italian


Over 90 minutes of making of and interviews about the project, the production, the script, the cast, the sound track, etc.

Educational / Institutional DVD

The educational / institutional DVD has a special license that allows for limited public performance within a school or organization to an audience outside the privacy of your home.  To buy the educational / institutional DVD of the film Francisco de Assis - A Life Lesson, please contact Goulart Filmes.