"Baianas for Americans to see."
(Diário Catarinense)

Category: documentary
(Color - NTSC/2009 - HD/2016 - 8 min. - USA)

Synopsis: It is believed that the Cleansing was originated in the times when the slaves were forced to wash the stairway of the Church of Bonfim. This ritual has been performed every year by the baianas since 1804, in Salvador. Today, not only does the procession include the baianas, but also other religions, creeds and cults to take part in the celebration that has now reached New York. Goulart relives historic moments of the Cleansing of Bonfim, in Bahia, up to its debut on 46th Street, in Manhattan, attracting every passerby’s attention, in a true ritual of passion and symbolism of Afro-Brazilian culture.

Notice: This film is for educational purposes and the preservation of the memory of the Cleansing of Bonfim only, with no commercial value in any way.

Production: Goulart Filmes
Producers: Marcelo Nigri and Yves Goulart
Director and screenwriter: Yves Goulart
Assistant director: Guilherme Greca
Cinematography: Yves Goulart
Editing: Yves Goulart
Assistant editor: Guilherme Greca
Interviewees: Edilberto Luciano Mendes, Silvana Magda and João de Matos
Music: Silvana Magda, by Luanda Lynch
Art designer: Luciane Nardi
Translation: Micki Mihich


  • Honor Award – VII Brazilian Cine Fest Petrobras (New York, 2009);
  • Best Documentary – Focus Brazil Video Fest 2009 (Florida, 2009);
  • Best Screenplay – Focus Brazil Video Fest 2009 (Florida, 2009);
  • Best Photography – Focus Brazil Video Fest 2009 (Florida, 2009).

Special Screening

  • Brazilian Endowment for the Arts (New York, May 2009).


  • VII Brazilian Cine Fest Petrobras (New York, August 2009);
  • Focus Brazil Video Fest 2009 (Florida, May 2009).