Category: documentary
(Color - NTSC/2008 - HD/2016 - 30 min. - Brazil)

Synopsis: Dance, music, circus, opera, and theater everywhere in the state of Paraná. The Cultural Convoy was an unusual project that transformed nine buses into stages and traveled through 399 towns from 1999 to 2002, with three thousand spectacles seen by more than two million people. Goulart's camera tracked unique and precious moments of a successful cultural project undertaken in Brazil.

Notice: This film is for educational purposes and the preservation of the memory of the Cultural Convoy only, with no commercial value in any way.

Production: Goulart Filmes
Producers: Yves Goulart and Marcelo Nigri
Director and screenwriter: Yves Goulart
Assistant director: Antonia Gama
Photographs: Sergio Vieira
Art Director: Yves Goulart
Editing: Leandro Meneguiti
Camera: Yves Goulart
Narrator: José Wilker
Art designer: Luciane Nardi
Translation: Marcelo Nigri


  • Brazilian Endowment for the Arts – Goulart’s Films (New York, May 2008);
  • Brazilian-American Cultural Institute (BACI) – Goulart’s Films (Washington, DC, January 2008).


  • Agulhas Negras Film Festival (Rio de Janeiro, November 2009);
  • MEMOSTRA 2009 – Special Session for the 100th Film Screened (Curitiba, Brazil, September 2009);
  • 19th São Paulo International Short Film Festival (São Paulo, August 2008).


  • TV Câmara – Olhares (2009);
  • TV Câmara – Curtas na TV (2008).