"Yves Goulart, the artist, is a unique young man with a centenary soul, who looks at the world and translates what he sees in the art of filmmaking, beautiful filmmaking."
(Clara Angelica Porto, Journalist)

Yves Goulart is a Brazilian actor, producer, filmmaker and cinematographic reporter, born in Urussanga, Santa Catarina, on May 15, 1975.

Goulart started his artistic career in 1995 as an actor on the stages of Paraná, Brazil. He gradually discovered and branched out into other means of expression like movies and television.

He received his graduate degree in Filmmaking and his postgraduate degree in Education from Gama Filho University, in Rio de Janeiro, where he developed the monograph 'The Role of Cinema in Education' (2006) and discovered his calling as a filmmaker.

In 2005, on the 10th anniversary of his career, Goulart was honored by the City Hall and City Council of Urussanga with the 'Honor of Merit Award', for representing his hometown artistically.

Since 2006, Goulart has lived in the United States, where he has dedicated his time to his film productions and the work as a cinematographic reporter.

In 2010, he received the 'Brazilian Press Award' by the Brazilian Press in the United States, for his outstanding accomplishments in filmmaking. In the same year, he was nominated 'Lusophone Personality of the Year' by the CHAMA Association at the University of Strasbourg, in France.

In 2014, the Multiplicando Talentos Institution honored Goulart at the opening of the first 3D movie theater of Urussanga, which was named after him.

He was awarded at the Portuguese Brazilian Awards 2016, in recognition of his participation as a valuable resource to promote Portuguese and Brazilian culture in the United States.

In 2020, Goulart was honored by the City Council of Urussanga with a 'Motion of Applause', for the preservation of the memory and the dissemination of the identity of Urussanga, with the documentary Centennial Urussanga.

Yves Goulart produced and directed the following short and feature films, that participated in several Brazilian and international film festivals and showings:

He is currently working on his new film production, the documentary Aldo Baldin - A Life for Music, about the life and career of Aldo Baldin, one of the greatest tenors in the world at his time.

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Goulart is the screenwriter of all his films. He also wrote 'Urussanga', which received the 'Production Incentive Award' for best screenplay, in the 3rd Catarina Documentary Festival (2004).

He was invited by filmmaker Nelson Pereira dos Santos to direct the making of his film 'The Music According to Tom Jobim' (2012), distributed by Sony Pictures.

Goulart was the curator of the film project 'Brazilian Film on Thursdays' (2008 and 2009) at the Brazilian Endowment for the Arts (BEA), in New York. The project promoted the screening of classic, independent and successful Brazilian films and discussions with the audience, led by himself and accompanied by special guests Guilherme Parreiras, Micki Mihich and Stela Brandão.

Yves Goulart worked as a cinematographic reporter for the main Brazilian TV networks: SBT (2011 to 2015), Globo International (2014 and 2015) and Record TV (2016 to 2020).

He participated in numerous reports, special coverages and series for the journalism of SBT, among which are:

  • With journalist Cleide Klock, the series 'September 11 - The Day that Did Not End' (2011), for the program 'Reporter Connection', and 'September 11 - A Brazilian Look' (2011), for the 'SBT Brazil' news, and the coverage of Robin Williams' death (2014), in San Francisco, for the 'SBT Brazil' news;
  • With journalist Fernanda Bak, the coverages 'Sandy Hook School Shooting' (2012), in Connecticut, 'Boston Marathon Attack' (2013) and 'Tornadoes in Moore, Oklahoma' (2013);
  • With journalist Yula Rocha, the reports 'The Secrets of the Pyramids of Mexico' (2014) and 'The Racial Tension in Baltimore' (2015), the coverage of the General Assembly of the United Nations (2012 to 2014), during Dilma Rousseff’s presidency, and Pope Franci's trip in Cuba and the United States (2015), and the following series: 'The World Cup' (2014), on the friendly matches of FIFA World Cup, 'Risky Crossing' (2014), about the illegal immigration on the Mexican border with the United States, 'Drought: The California Example' (2014), about cities without water for more than a year, '70 Years of World War II' (2015), about survivors and cities marked by the scars of the war, and 'Dilma Rousseff's First Official Visit to the White House' (2015).

For Globo International, he worked alongside journalist Eliseu Caetano on the weekly entertainment program 'Planeta Brasil' (2014 and 2015), about the Brazilian community living in the United States. Some of the highlights include: 'Planet 600' (2015), on the celebration of the 600th edition of the program, special interview with journalist Lucas Mendes (2015), from 'Globo News', after winning the 'Maria Moors Cabot' award at Columbia University, the backstage of 'Brazilian Day' (2014 and 2015) and the coverage of the creation of a giant mural in New York, by Brazilian graffiti artists Os Gemeos (2015).

For Record TV, he worked for four years alongside journalist Heloisa Villela on factual news in the United States. He participated in the coverage of the 2016 presidential elections of the United States, the inauguration of President Donald Trump (2017), the General Assembly of the United Nations (2016 and 2017), during Michel Temer's presidency, the massacre in Las Vegas (2017) and the trial of José Maria Marin, former president of the Brazilian Soccer Federation (2017). Among the reports and series produced for 'Jornal da Record' news, the following stand out: 'The Sound of the Streets in São Paulo and New York' (2016), on musicians in subway stations, 'Volunteers in Countries Destroyed by War' (2017), 'Danger in the Water' (2017), about New York's water contamination with lead, 'Controversy over João Gilberto's Legal Incapacity' (2019) and 'New Allegations against Michael Jackson' (2019).

Yves Goulart studied theater in Curitiba, Brazil, and worked in the following plays:

  • 'Trance' (1996), by Ronald Rad, directed by Marley Mello, in the role of Anselmo;
  • 'The Magic Flute' (1997 and 1998), by Mozart, directed by Marcelo Marchioro, in the role of Papageno;
  • 'The Trojans' (1998), by Euripides, directed by Guaraci Martins, in the role of Helen of Troy;
  • 'Where Have You Been at Night' (1999), written and directed by Edson Bueno, in the role of Ariel;
  • 'La Serva Padrona' (2000), by Pergolesi, directed by Edson Bueno and Conductor Osvaldo Colarusso, in the role of Vespone;
  • 'Gente Criança' (2001 and 2002), by Rosy Greca, directed by Fátima Ortiz, in the role of Clown Pipoca.

In cinema, he acted in the feature film 'The Last Battle' (2005), by João Stefan, in the role of Lucas, and participated in the short film 'Four Friends Talking about Love' (2000), by Gil Barone. He also acted in his own feature film Francisco de Assis - A Life Lesson (2014), in the role of Luiz.

He worked at Globo TV, where he participated in the sitcom 'Os Normais' (2003) and the telenovela 'Shades of Sin' (2004). He was part of the cast of the telenovela 'Belíssima' (2005 and 2006), by Silvio de Abreu.

Goulart developed the project 'Theater Workshop' for the poor and taught acting classes in Urussanga (Santa Catarina), Curitiba (Paraná), Cascavel (Paraná) and Paranaguá (Paraná), from 1999 to 2002.

The Artist

  • Production Incentive Award - Best Screenplay ('Urussanga') – 3rd Catarina Documentary Festival (Santa Catarina, Brazil, 2004);
  • Honor of Merit Award – City Hall and City Council of Urussanga (Urussanga, Brazil, 2005);
  • Brazilian Press Award - Achievement in Cinema – ABI International (Florida, 2010);
  • Lusophone Personality of the Year – CHAMA Association at the University of Strasbourg (Strasbourg, France, 2010);
  • Yves Goulart 3D Movie Theater – Multiplicando Talentos Institution (Urussanga, Brazil, 2014);
  • Portuguese Brazilian Award – Portuguese Brazilian Society (New York, 2016);
  • Motion of Applause – City Council of Urussanga (Urussanga, Brazil, 2020).

The Films

  • Best Documentary: Black Gold – 11th Gama Filho Short Film Festival (Rio de Janeiro, 2003);
  • Best Script: Edilamar – Revealing the Many Brazils (Year I) by the Ministry of Culture of Brazil (Brazil, 2004);
  • Best Documentary: The Cleansing of Bonfim - From Bahia to New York – Focus Brazil Video Fest (Florida, 2009);
  • Best Script: The Cleansing of Bonfim - From Bahia to New York – Focus Brazil Video Fest (Florida, 2009);
  • Best Cinematography: The Cleansing of Bonfim - From Bahia to New York – Focus Brazil Video Fest (Florida, 2009);
  • Honor Award: The Cleansing of Bonfim - From Bahia to New York – VII Brazilian Cine Fest Petrobras (New York, 2009);
  • Golden Palm Award: Beyond the Light – Mexico International Film Festival (Rosarito, Mexico, 2010);
  • Special Award by Popular Jury: Beyond the Light – BRAPEQ Brazilian Cinema Festival (Beijing, China, 2010);
  • Award of Excellence: Francisco de Assis - A Life Lesson – Accolade Global Film Competition (California, 2014);
  • Silver Palm Award: Francisco de Assis - A Life Lesson – Mexico International Film Festival (Rosarito, Mexico, 2015);
  • Brazilian Press Award - Cinema and Video: Francisco de Assis - A Life Lesson – ABI International (Florida, 2017).