"A documentary that is able to dive into social tragedy without relinquishing the protagonists’ poetry and subjectivity."
(Luiz Carlos Lacerda, Brazilian Filmmaker)

Category: documentary
(Color - NTSC/2003 - HD/2016 - 16 min. - Brazil)

Synopsis: It honors the 31 coal miners who died in a mining accident on September 10, 1984, in the Coal Industry Basin of Santa Catarina, in the south of Brazil.  In surprising interviews, miners expose their fears in contradictory accounts.

Notice: This is an experimental film with educational purposes only and no commercial value in any way.

Production: Goulart Filmes
Producers: Marcelo Nigri and Yves Goulart
Director and screenwriter: Yves Goulart
Assistant director: Antonia Gama
Cinematography and camera: Yves Goulart
Editing: Alexandre Costa and Fabio Fausto
Re-recording mixer: Tim Starnes
Narration: Yves Goulart
Photos from Veja Magazine: Nani Góis
Art designer: Nilton Ferraro
Translation: Marcelo Nigri


  • Production Incentive Award - Best Screenplay – 3rd Catarina Documentary Festival (Itajaí, Brazil, 2004);
  • Best Documentary – 11th Gama Filho Short Film Festival (Rio de Janeiro, 2003).

Special Screenings

  • UNIRP Cine Club (São José do Rio Preto, Brazil, September 2008);
  • UFRJ Science and Culture Forum – Oil and Cinema (Rio de Janeiro, July 2008);
  • IV Geography Week from Gama Filho University – Cinema and Space: Image and Urban Content, Multiple Looks (Rio de Janeiro, May 2008);
  • Brazilian Endowment for the Arts – Goulart’s Films (New York, May 2008);
  • Brazilian-American Cultural Institute (BACI) – Goulart’s Films (Washington, DC, January 2008);
  • Exhibition in Honor of the 21st Anniversary of the Santana Mine Explosion – Santa Catarina State University (Florianópolis, Brazil, September 2005).


  • 7th Catavideo – Showing of Videos from Santa Catarina (Florianópolis, Brazil, August 2006);
  • 10th FENART – Competitive Showing (João Pessoa, Brazil, November 2004);
  • 12th Gramado Cine Video Festival – Independent and Competitive Showing (Gramado, Brazil, August 2004);
  • 9th Brazilian University Film Festival – Informative Showing (Rio de Janeiro, June 2004);
  • 11th Gama Filho Short Film Festival (Rio de Janeiro, December 2003).


  • Globosat (Brazil Channel) – Curta na Tela (2005 through 2008);
  • TV Câmara – Curtas na TV (2007);
  • TVE – Curta Brasil (July 2004).