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(Color - NTSC/2012 - 24 min. - Brazil)

Synopsis: The extraordinary universe of Antonio Carlos Jobim's music cannot be put into words.  It was with that idea in mind and keen sensitivity that director Nelson Pereira dos Santos, alongside Dora Jobim, was willing to face the challenge of unveiling through film the musical career of the great Brazilian composer and author of an eternal and internationally acclaimed work.  The making of, directed by Yves Goulart, gathers testimonies by Ana Jobim, Daniel Filho, Robert Stam, Richard Peña and other guests at the New York Film Festival of Lincoln Center, during the world premiere of the film.

Distribution: Sony Pictures Entertainment
Production: Regina Filmes
Director: Yves Goulart
Assistant director: Marcelo Nigri
Cinematography: Yves Goulart
Assistant interviewer: Micki Mihich
Cameras: Yves Goulart, Martha Sachser and Igor Sachser
Editing: Lucelane Corrêa
Post-production: Afinal Filmes
Post-production supervision: Marcelo Pedrazzi and Alexandre Rocha
Operational: Analice Rocha
Post-production assistants: Henrique Lott and Monique Rodrigues
Color correction: Cris Salara
Re-recording mixer: Bernardo Gebara
Interviewees: Lucelane Corrêa, Richard Peña, Dora Jobim, James Dingeman, Lucas Mendes, Caio Blinder, Daniel Filho, Marc DeRossi, Wendy Keys, Franca Vercelloni, Fabiano Canosa, Winston Gordon, Maria Balderrama, Micki Mihich, Paul C. Naumann, Olivia Byington, Robert Stam, Ana Jobim, Denise Dumont and China Tian
Music: Tom Jobim