"The Gemellaggio broke a century of silence and isolation between brothers, now lived harmoniously on the screens of history."
(Sérgio Maestrelli, Writer and Historian)

Category: documentary
(Color - HD/2022 - Part I: 66 minutes - Part II: 77 minutes - Brazil and Italy)

Synopsis: A documentary about the 30 years of the Friendship Pact signed between the cities of Urussanga and Longarone, in 1991 and 1992. Interviewees from both sister cities, from politicians to businessmen, from students to workers, benefit from this partnership as a life purpose that goes beyond blood heritage. The film is a means of speech and expression in the broadest sense of this pact, which represents opportunity, friendship, revival and unity. “Urussanga has the soul of Longarone and our connection is very strong”, says one of the interviewees. Where are we and what do we want for the future of the Gemellaggio?

Notice: This film is for educational purposes and the preservation of the memory of the Gemellaggio between Urussanga and Longarone, with no commercial value in any way.

Production: Goulart Filmes
Producers: Nayglon Goulart and Yves Goulart
Director and screenwriter: Yves Goulart
Argument and research: Névton Bortolotto
Cinematography: Yves Goulart
Camera: Yves Goulart and Cleber Bonotto
Image and sound editing: Yves Goulart
Re-recording mixer: Alexandre Ferraz Jardim
Interviewees: Ana Maria Mariot Vieira, Antônio De Lorenzi Cancelier, Dionice De Lorenzi Cancelier, Eduardo Cechinel Bonetti, Elena Tomea, Fernando Fontanella, Francesco Bortolot, Geraldo Fornasa, Gilson Fontanella, Gioachino Bratti, Giovanna De Pellegrin, Giovanni Croce, Giselda Trento Mazon, Glória Feltrin, Gustavo Cancellier, Iris Maria De Lorenzi Cancelier, Ivo Cercenà, Jair Nandi, Johnny Felippe, José Carlos Cândido, José Carlos Sacchet, José Vânio Piacentini, Karoline Mariot, Liz Regina Zapelini De Bona, Luciana Damian, Luigino Olivier, Luiz Antonio Fabro, Luiz Carlos Zen, Marcello Mazzucco, Maria Laura Bortolot, Marielle Bonetti, Marilene Feltrin, Matheus Damian, Matteo Bortolot, Mauro Lampo, Michelle Bonetti, Névton Bortolotto, Oscar De Bona, Pedro Roberto Rambo, Pierluigi De Cesero, Renato Mariot Damian, Roberto Padrin, Ruberval Francisco Pilotto, Sara Garbossa Felizardo, Silmar Welter, Stefano Bortolot, Terezinha Possenti, Vanderlei Olívio Rosso, Vicenza Occhipinti, Vitor Pereira Henrique, Zelma Mariot Hilbert and Zezinha Sacchet Rambo
Narration: Odemar Costa and Giuseppe Della Giustina
Italian transcription: Elena Tomea
Portuguese translation: Névton Bortolotto